An Intro to our new Blogger - Ryan Yates

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A blog site to share stories by anyone who wants to about how Mental Health Affects Someone Like Them

Over time mhasl will get a number of new bloggers and in this series of blog posts we will briefly introduce you to these new Bloggers.

So without further ado

Who am I?

I am Ryan Yates, I’m in my late 20s and I am an IT Consultant that works at a Software Consultancy in the UK and I am the founder of this blog site.

I set up this site, Mental Health Affects Someone Like Me, because Mental Health does affect someone just like me, and after a lot of thought and some conversations with some of my peers in various areas, I decided upon setting up this blog site with a view to help end the stigma about talking & writing about mental health, hopefully from all angles. This is part of a much bigger long term goal of mine especially after having had my own periods of ill mental health and also having had experience in supporting many friends and strangers with dealing with a variety of forms of their own mental health in a non-professional supporting capacity for well over a decade now.

I personally have had a number of periods, all of various lengths, where my mental health has been far from perfect and whilst I will mainly blog about either my own experiences with my own aliments, I will however also blog about some of the hidden sides of supporting others that are going though their own periods of upset with the balances of their mental health.

I also intend to blog a bit about the neuroscience behind differing areas of mental health aliments as I learn more about them in further depth, and how the underlying chemistry behind some of mental health aliments can be potentially better managed.

I however will make it clear I am not a formally trained medical expert and that I will only blog about items that have definitive research behind them, with citations to the research papers where utmost possible.

I’m Ryan ( twitter | blog ) a successful IT Consultant & the founder of mhasl and Mental Health Affects Someone Like Me