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Universal Basic Income - the way to a healthier nation! pt1

Background Note: this post is written with a UK centric view, for the collective health of all it’s citizens, however can be easily adapted more generally for other countries too. This article is part 1 of the series Universal Basic Income - the way to a healthier nation!, as well as being part of a wide ranging series of Grown Up Chats articles coming to you in future! This part of the Series focuses on the what it is and the why we need it.

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Donation Policy You are 100% free to read the content of this site with no requirement for any form of donation, we just merely give you a quick and easy way to do so if you wanted to. Therefore, if you do choose to make a donation, you can do so directly to the author as listed in their profile box at the top of every page, much like services like “buy me a coffee”, cash app or a Patreon subscription for any content that you have liked.

Flow state, and what it has to do with Bruce Lees famous water quote

TL:DR (To Long Didn’t Read) Water, we are, the flow state, we must become! (in voice of Yoda) We can freeze, boil or simmer at just the right temperature. Each of these states can and does affect our mental & physical health differently. We each have a slightly different optimal Flow State where we feel happiest, enjoy life the most and importantly perform the best we can. We also have differing and complex dependency trees, all getting upset differently when we aren’t able to stay in our optimal flow state.

Your Mental Health and using AI to write or talk about it

This will be a short & opinionated post, and as such should be something that you decide on whether you agree with or not. This will just be about using targeted AI’s for aiding you in understanding and then discussing your Mental Health & not about general use of AI’s. That topic will be covered in a separate post. Should I use AI to help me write/talk about my Mental Health?

The Power of Swearing

This article is part of the series The Power Of that looks into many aspects of life and how they can be powerful in helping with individual management & maintenance of mental health. Warning - This is a post about swearing intended to educate, without resorting to use of swearing, even though the author was incredibly tempted to do so The Power Of Swearing This really should be a short post that, for those of you reading that are against the use of emotive language including swear words, also known as use of profanity, should perhaps read on and have a rethink, and you know perhaps give swearing a go and see how you feel afterwards, as I can tell you now, you’ll feel better for it.

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Privacy Policy This site is built using Hugo, with a customised theme and currently hosted on Azure Static Web sites, we do not collect collect any per page views, which is by current design choices those this is something that we many change in future & we reserve the right to so up as long as we update this privacy policy. As such we do not get a total on which pages are viewed so have no inclination as to which posts are most popular, if they are even popular at all which is by current design choices.

Pain: Its a Personal Journey

As someone that’s been through many types of pain, and seen many go through their own pains, I can say that it really really does. But pain is a personal journey, that whilst we may be able to sympathise and even empathise with those going through pain, I don’t think we can truly be able to say that we know exactly what a person is going through when they are dealing with, even if we may have gone through similar things to them.

Finding the Balance: Technology & Mental Health

Technology has helped keep many friends, families, schools, organisations & even governments stay connected and be able to function during the COVID19 Pandemic at mostly near pre-pandemic levels & in some cases beyond pre-pandemic levels. However, it is safe to say that even leading up to the pandemic there had been lots to consider about “Finding the Balance” between what is a good amount of technology & what is likely to be a detrimental amount of technology.

Speaking with Don Jones on Perspectives in Tech - Listen: Your Mental Health

Back in May I was lucky enough to be invited onto a Podcast called Perspectives In TecH and had chance to chat to former host Don Jones. For those of you that don’t know Don, he is a 20+ year IT Veteran and is well known for leading the way with a Technical Community that I got the chance to be involved in. You can listen to what we had to say over on his podcast

An Intro to the #SwimmingPoolAnalogy - Going for a swim in the Pool of Mental Health

As you can likely tell from the title of this post, I am going to go into the detail of what I think is a novel new way to attempt to describe how various states of mental health can and do affect us all differently. Firstly I think it is important to get across a very simple, but often overlooked point when it comes to mental heath, and that is that mental health is something that we all have, much like the blood in our veins, the air in our lungs or the bacteria in our guts.