What is Mhasl.me???

Mhasl.me stands for Mental Health Affects Someone Like Me and is fundamentally a Collaborative Blogging Site for those that want to come together and share their stories around any and all areas of Mental Health, including but not limited to, personal accounts of living with recognised and diagnosed mental health aliments, accounts of living with and supporting those with mental health aliments, tips and tricks to manage with your mental health, and lastly pointers towards support articles and ways to find support and how to approach things if you think you may be suffering from one of the many different forms of mental health aliments.


Mhasl.me (or simply mhasl, as it will be most commonly known) is currently under construction to ensure that we can deliver a great experience to all that decide that they want to be involved, and as such we are looking for you to help us with promoting the site for when we do go live.


You can follow @mhasl_me on twitter and on Facebook where we will make start to make some announcements about progress on the sites construction as we get closer to the go live date.


If you want to get involved with the site and perhaps look to publish some articles on here then please fill in this form so that we can look to get in touch with you in the near future.


Please share the word using the #mhasl & #mentalhealth hashtags and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming updates.